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Hey there, I'm Lauren - your new favorite wedding photographer!

I found my career as a professional wedding photographer through the trial and error of doing things that weren’t the perfect fit. Finding your passion is kind of like shopping for a wedding dress—some of them are really great, or what you thought you wanted, or something your mom prefers, or just totally out of your budget, but in the end, all we want is the TLC show happy tears and a resounding “yes!”

I got into wedding photography after having my second daughter. I had been doing a lot of family and lifestyle sessions, which was my dream when I first started on my photography journey. But like with most dreams, they ebb and flow and change, and I decided I really wanted to pivot my career and do something that truly inspired me--taking photos of people on the happiest day of their lives.

When I’m not doing that, I’m probably curled up on the couch reading whatever book is on my list for my book club that month, shooting women's basketball with my amazing SheHoopsLA community, or toting my girls around to all their activities. 




Don't let these timeless moments slip away - let's turn them into art. Let's make magic together!

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Rachel x Connor-433.jpg
Kelly x John-28.jpg
Malibu Elopement Boho Wedding LA Jazz and Serge-128.jpg
Long Beach Engagement Edgy Couple LIfestyle Love Sam and Nick-10.jpg
HEWSON FAMILY 2019-98.jpg
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